Everybody loves online shopping. Buying products, whether clothing or tech gadgets, through online stores means you get to avoid crowds and annoying salespeople. Shopping in complete privacy and doing things on your own terms is what modern shoppers are all about. However, not many people know how online shopping is the ideal way to get discounts. Here are some useful tip on making those prices drop:

Leave items in the Cart

Many of you have seen a retail company offering 20% discounts until the end of the week. Following up on these offers is one of the key things for spending less. But, not many people know how if you leave your items in the cart, without buying them for a couple of days, the company will immediately send you an email with a discount offer.

So stay patient and don’t buy the items right away! Wait a couple of days and you’ll get tons of emails, providing you with the needed discounts.


Apart from waiting for discount codes on your favourite shopping site, you can also start keeping track of coupons. There are companies that have the sole purpose of giving coupon codes for famous stores. And on the Internet, there is a coupon code for every product out there.

Canadians love useful sites like Canada Hot Deals and informative ones like Retail Me Not. With searching through these websites, you will easily save up 15-25% on various products, including those from Amazon, Forever21, and Costco.

Free Shipping

Another smart way to reduce spending is to always order from companies that offer free shipping. There are many out there, providing all different types of products. So if you found a certain item that you like, whether a new T-shirt or an iPhone case, make sure you buy it from somebody that offers free shipping.

Also, some online shops offer free shipping codes. To find out which ones, you can always visit sites like Freeshipping.org which inform consumers about current codes and discounts.

Delete Search History

Some shops will do just about anything to increase their profits. That’s why many of the renowned online retail companies go through your search history before you start shopping. This informs them about your likes and dislikes, knowing which product prices to boost up.
This phenomenon is also known as dynamic pricing. But, getting around it is pretty easy since all you need is to do is delete your search history or look for items in incognito mode.

Shopping in complete privacy and doing things on your own terms is what modern shoppers are all about.

Buy Gift Cards

Gift cards are a life-saver! If you already know that you are going to shop in a certain store, always check online if somebody is offering discount codes or gift cards. This is extremely useful for holiday shopping like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even Halloween.

CardCash, Raise, and Canada Hot Deals usually sell gift cards for a reduced price. So make sure you visit them before starting your shopping spree.

Price Matching

Large companies like Target, Wallmart, and Kohl’s love price matching with competitors. For example, Walmart has a price matching tool in their app, also known as Savings Catcher. You scan your receipt, Walmart compares prices with its competitors, and then it refunds you the difference. This is customer loyalty at its best and if you are their regular shopper, expect savings tons of money in the future.