To begin with, the answer to this question is yes, it can actually cause vision problems. The main question here is, how? The feeling of strain, blurry and teary vision, are just testaments that your eyes can give you a seriously hard time with little to no hopes of relief. Not knowing the root or cause of these problems to your vision can make it harder for you to figure out a solution. While there may be several factors and ailments could be the cause of any eye problems you suffer, stress is definitely one of them –without particular reference to the cause of the stress itself. This results in frequent visits to your optometrist. Feeling mental or physical pressure can cause vision problems, but if you are not certain about stress being a causative agent, check out these five symptoms which confirm that stress can cause vision problems. 

Tightening eye muscles

When you are stressed, your body weakens and, in an attempt to get through the situation, you subconsciously begin to draw on the last of your strength to keep alert. This can result in the involuntary tightening of your eye muscles with clenches around that may make you struggle and squint while trying to focus on your environment. 

Sensitivity to light 

Ever noticed that your eyes sometimes feel super sensitive to light? Well, when your body is stressed it reacts by creating a fortress for itself, as such your eyes try to keep out anything sensation that threatens to rock the fortress -hence the stress-induced sensitivity. 

High adrenaline, blurry vision

Stresses make you react in either fight or flight mode, both of which release adrenaline into your bloodstream. The high amount of adrenaline in your body’s system can cause you to have blurry vision and lose focus, as a result of your increased heart-rate and the feeling of lightheadedness. 


Situations that cause you to feel stressed are most often rather than not, coupled with anxiety. These feelings of stress and anxiety may cause your eyes to start twitching as a result of the unsettled emotions and thoughts brought on by the pressuring situations. 

Flashes and dark spots

As earlier mentioned, the release of adrenaline in stressful situations is the body’s call for you to pick to either fight or flight at that very moment. This may also cause you to have flashes and dark spots which cloud your vision, as a result of stress.  

These are all symptoms that indicate lead us to an earlier established point, stress can cause vision problems, although it’s not the only cause. Better to be safe than sorry, so to avoid any form of vision problem, avoid stress.

The role that escape rooms play in improving the quality of work and the employees cannot be underrated. Escape rooms have several corporate team building events that help to improve employees’ communication and teamwork. An escape room is a right place to start if you want your employees to bond with one another for enhanced improvement in productivity.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to take your employees out for corporate team building events, certain puzzles are the most common, and you should prepare to undertake and solve them.

What Are The Common Escape Room Puzzles?

There are diverse corporate team building events or puzzles you are most likely to find in any escape room. Irrespective of the location of the escape room, it is crucial that you will find the following corporate team building events you will meet.

  1. Numbers and Texts Based Puzzles

When you are undertaking corporate team building events, you will come across puzzles that are based on numbers and texts. You will not be required to use any advanced mathematical formulae to solve the puzzles, but they are only there for hiding clues, which you can decode by reshuffling texts or numbers to form crosswords for clues.

  1. Physical Puzzles

No escape room that offers corporate team building events is devoid of physical puzzles. You certainly have some puzzles you have to undertake using your strength like moving big objects, undoing knots, and focus on the puzzle.

  1. Sound and Light

Most escape room’s corporate team building events include listening to background music or looking out for where light is shining. Meanwhile, the shining light might be a mere distraction and offer no clues to your escaping from the room. You can pay attention to the lyrics of the background music; it may contain some clues.

  1. Hidden Objects

This is one of the most exciting parts of the corporate team building events or puzzles when you are in the escape room. Indeed, your clues will be hidden. Therefore, you need to search for clues in hidden places. Leave no stone unturned to discover the solution you need to escape the room.

  1. Visual Design

Another puzzle to look out for in corporate team building events is the visual design puzzles. There might be clues for your escape on the pictures hung on the walls. First, single out anything strange in the room, then look intently at all visual designs in the room – the clue to get out of the escape may be there.

The above are some of the puzzles you will come across when you are undertaking corporate team building events, especially an escape room challenge. The puzzles discussed in this content are meant to prepare your mind for what you are likely to meet, not that they are the exact every master.

Asking if SEO is important for every business is similar to asking if every business needs customers. Of course, SEO is essential to every business, irrespective of the industry, size of the company, or location. SEO has proven to be the lifeline of several, if not all businesses.

SEO is called Search Engine Optimization, and it is the source of unpaid or free traffic. It is vital to know that any business that intends to run for a long time needs to be SEO friendly to thrive. Several reasons confirm the importance of SEO for every business. 

Here are the 5 reasons why SEO is important for every business:

SEO is the Major Source of Traffic

Although there are different sources of traffic to any website, SEO (also known as the organic search) is the primary source of the traffic to most businesses’ websites. The business world has experienced a massive change through the functionalities of the search engines. Almost everyone looks up any product or service needed on the internet via the search boxes. The greater part of the results provided is through SEO. Consequently, SEO will continue to drive traffic (visitors or potential buyers) to businesses for as long as possible.

SEO Builds Credibility

Searching for the service or product needed on the search engines gives assurance that only credible websites will come up on the search engine results. As a result, the user can visit any of the results returned by the search engines to purchase order for the service offered by the website or business visited. This is made possible due to SEO.

SEO offers Long-lasting Free Marketing Strategy

Every business needs to be pushing its product or service to potential customers. SEO provides free marketing opportunities to all types of businesses or services. After ranking on the search engines, the company continues to get visitors or views from searches on the search engines as long as related keywords are searched. SEO is the only marketing strategy that generates traffic consistently, perpetually.

SEO is Cheaper

When compared to other marketing strategies, SEO is much cheaper. You only have to ensure that your website is SEO friendly and work on some ranking strategies like implementing local SEO. You do not have to incur costly overhead in the name of SEO.

If you are a business or organization to be in operation for a long time, you should consider SEO as a crucial strategy to stay relevant and discoverable for a long time after the initial creation of online presence through PPC, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.