There are times in our lives that saving money is a goal that individuals strive to achieve. Whether it is for cost-cutting purposes or you are trying to save for a big purchase, saving money requires a plan and follow through.

Considering that a lot of individuals have different lifestyles and circumstances, our list will try to focus on more universal suggestions that anyone can apply. Here are 5 ways to save money:

Make a List of Expenses and Cut off the Fat

Our first tip is to go through your monthly expenses to get a good snapshot of how much money you spend and where it goes. There are certain necessities that you won’t be able to cut off such as housing (rent, mortgage) but you might be surprised on extra expenditures like going out to eat or retail purchases that fall more into the category of “wants” vs “needs”. Short-term sacrifices will pay off in achieving your money-saving goal, so make the necessary cuts to your monthly “wants”.

Find the Best Deals

There are many apps and websites that give tips and hints on where to find coupons and deals. Moreover, there are specific grocery and big-box stores that will price match competitor pricing. The website, Clip and Save, wrote a similar article, 5 Simple Ways to Save Money, where they brought up a point about stockpiling on items that are on sale. This tactic is a good way to cut expenses long-term.

Leverage Competitive Switching

What do we mean by this? There are certain monthly expenses that are necessities like your cell phone, internet or insurance as examples. A lot of these services have a wide range of service providers that want your business. Doing some due diligence research may uncover either lower rates or even sign up incentives that can help with your money-saving goals.

Change Habits

By simply analyzing your day-to-day routines may uncover different money-saving ideas. For example, brewing your own coffee at home vs buying at a cafe can save quite a bit over a month. Reducing laundry loads or being mindful of light usage can save on utility bills. Are you a smoker? Quit!! Or at the very least, reduce the number of times you have a cigarette which in turn will reduce the number of times you buy cigarettes.

Open a Savings Account

It is crucial to set aside all of this money you are saving and to not mix it up with your regular pool of money. Not only will this give you a clear visual on where you are to achieving your money-saving goal, but it will also give you an opportunity to earn interest and grow your savings!

Saving energy at home is one of the strategies that you can use to reduce the running cost of your home. It also allows you to make the best use of energy in your everyday activities. In case you want to save energy at your home, these are some of the ways you can use it.

1. Insulate Your Home

By insulating your home, you can save as much as 10% on the amount that you spend on cooling and heating. In addition to insulation, you should also seal any leaks, cracks, and gaps that may be letting heat into or out of your home.

2. Adjust the Thermostat Regularly

Many people are fond of setting their thermostats at a particular level for a long period. However, this amounts to a waste of energy in many instances. So, you should always try to adjust the thermostat regularly. Also, when everyone is leaving home, the thermostat should be adjusted until you return.

3. Utilize Your Dishwasher and Clothes Washer at Full Loads

Though you may want to wash your clothes and dishes regularly, this action does not help you save energy at home. When you use your dishwasher or clothes washer with a full load, it performs most efficiently and lowers your energy consumption.

4. Install Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

Energy-efficient windows and doors can reduce your energy consumption by 10% or even more. These windows and doors make sure that your rooms retain heat during the winter and lose heat during the summer. If your home currently has single-pane windows, think about replacing them with double- or triple-pane ones that are filled with argon or krypton gas.

5. Take Shorter, Cooler Showers

If you are the type of person that spends hours on showering, you are wasting energy. Reduce your energy consumption by taking shorter showers. The shorter showers will instantly lower the energy consumed by your water heater. It has been estimated that a 4-minute reduction in your daily shower time can reduce your overall hot water use by more than 3,600 gallons each year.

6. Air-Dry Your Clothes

While electric dryers may make your clothes dry faster, they also use a large chunk of your electric. So, think about reducing your energy consumption by air-drying your clothes on a clothesline or other means. As an alternative to air-drying, you can buy an energy-efficient dryer that will not consume a lot of energy.

7. Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances

With mincing words, your conventional appliances contribute largely to the amount of energy you use. So, stop using those old appliances that consume a lot of energy and choose energy-efficient appliances instead.

8. Turn Off Electronics You Are Not Using

Whenever you are not using any electronics, you should endeavor to always make sure that they are turned off. So, your computer, television, sound system, printers, and other electronics should be switched off when no one is using them.

Similarly, make sure that you unplug them because they can still consume a small amount of power even when they are plugged but not turned on. Follow the methods above and save energy at home.

Are you thinking of fun activities to plan for adults? Are you wondering what activities would interest adults around you? Do not keep searching; we will provide you with several options that will undoubtedly interest adults.

When planning activities for adults, you should consider an event that will engage them, enthuse them, and make them relax, as well as learn some lessons. The activity should bring the adults together and add something new to them, and of course, without denying them fun. Here some fun activities to plan for adults.

1. Cooking Class

You might think adults already know how to cook, what more can they learn? Lots more! Remember that everyone loves a good meal. And learning how to cook some cuisines, they have seen on the TV would be so interesting to them.

Think about some recipes that will be so interesting to adults that they would want to join the class by all means.

2. Massage Learning Class

Learning how to give a good massage to loved ones is something that many adults would enjoy. Plan a massage class to be taught by a licensed therapist. The adults can come with their partners or spouses to replicate the techniques learned to relieve stress and tension. The class will undoubtedly be exciting and promising with the hope of learning what they have always paid for.

3. Escape Rooms

Organizing escape rooms for adults is another activity to bring adults together for an intriguing experience. Many of them may not have been to escape rooms before. However, their curiosity will be induced at the mention of escape rooms and what they are likely to experience. It will be interesting to see adults come together, bond with one another, and solve puzzles.

4. Art Class

Another exciting activity that adults would appreciate is an art class. Everyone is a born artist with different ideas to express. They can learn how to draw or paint and have fun.

5. Yoga Class

One of the goals of many adults is to keep fit and healthy. So, organizing a yoga class where they will learn how to stretch will be enjoyable to most of them. Yoga will give them mental and physical benefits, relieve their muscles of pain, lower their blood pressure, and reduce stress.

Planning the right activities for adults will have a significant impact on their health and satisfaction. Besides escape rooms, the other tips provided above are some of the activities you can plan for adults, and they will thank you for the experience.

Windows are some of the commonly overlooked parts of the home. As a result of this, it is not uncommon for you to have windows that are damaged, outdated or simply unpleasing.

Take control of your home today and prevent thieves from coming into your home through your windows. Check out these 5 signs that are telling you that you need window replacement.

1. Windows are difficult to close, open or lock

Windows are meant to make life easy for you and, as such, you should not experience any problems when opening, closing or locking them. Therefore, if yours are giving you problems when you are operating them, it is time for you to change them to something modern and more functional. If you do not change them on time, your home may at risk of burglary.

2. Windows are leaking and frames are decaying

This is one of the biggest and most obvious signs that you need new windows. After using your wooden windows for a long time, it will be exposed to different conditions. Consequently, moisture will build up and the result will be decaying of the windows. This decay makes the windows lose their strength and become unreliable. Similarly, sealed unit failure and poor installation could make your windows to be leaking water. Whether it is a leaky window or decayed frame, the solution is window replacement.

3. Excess noise coming into your home from outside

Normally, the windows should be able to provide a level of soundproofing for your home. In other words, it should play a key role in reducing the amount of noise coming into your apartment from outside. If this is not the case, the sealing of the windows may have a problem. The only way-out is replacing your old window with a new one.

4. Increasing energy bills

In most cases, cooling and heating of a home contribute largely to the total energy bills. If your windows are not good, they will allow the external temperature to have a significant impact on the internal temperature of your home. So, you will need to use your cooling and heating system more than you ought to. This, in turn, will increase your energy bills. To deal with this problem, replace your windows with energy-efficient ones that can reduce the transfer of heat and prevent air leaks.

5. Build-up of condensation

Have you been noticing condensations around your glass layers? If yes, this is a sign of failed seals which have made it possible for moisture to get into the glass panes. No matter what you do, the damage will only get worse. So, what can you do to salvage the situation? Get window replacement and start enjoying your home once again.

Just like other kinds of home renovations, window replacement will cost you some amounts of money. Nevertheless, you must understand that it can increase the security of your home, save you money on energy bills, and make your home look more beautiful. Therefore, it is definitely worth the effort and money.

Working in a team is not the first choice for some individuals but in most cases, it’s unavoidable. As a team leader or major contributor, it is important to make sure that all members of the team feel their personal essence while fostering codependency and one of the best ways to achieve this is through team bonding.

Some may opt for exercises, seminars or leadership trainings but, an escape room is one of the relatively undiscovered methods of promoting team building. How does this happen? Check out these five ways escape rooms help with team building.

1. Team-building

The essence of any team-building exercise is to improve teamwork. With escape rooms, all the members are faced with the same goal and objective -getting out. If they were frosty at first, eventually they’ll start working together to get out of the room.

2. Casual responsibility

Responsibility is at the center of any successful team, it means that individuals know their roles and can fulfill them correctly. Escape room gives them a chance to assume responsibility on a casual level and that way, everyone can gauge who is more accountable and who is likely to slack off the most. This information is what will help in ensuring the team building; working on loose points and reinforcing strong members.

3. Communication

Due to the numerous groups of individuals who make up a team, anything from two – fifteen, or in some cases twenty, communication can become a serious problem. When working on an escape room puzzle together, however, people are more inclined to understand how the other person works, and develop synchrony to their thought process. This way, when it gets to the professional aspect for which the team was created, communication is enhanced and the team is highly productive.

4. Individual ability highlight

Escape room games also highlight the special abilities of each member, in that, the puzzles are different and require different technical and logical abilities, as well as some trivia. By allowing everyone to try their hand/mind at something, there is an importance that is created in responsibility.

5. Goal orientation

The most important part of teamwork is having the same focus, and working towards the same end goal. People may get carried away by their personal contributions, forgetting to adhere to the team’s goal. The escape room will help build the team with the engaging and entertaining practice of working towards the same thing, actively.

Escape rooms are a lot of fun because they are the most casual activity place where intellect and logical reasoning still come to light. This makes them the perfect location for team building with the purpose of increasing productivity.

Did you stop watering your garden or landscaping manually? Are you looking for ways to put your sprinkler system in the best working condition? Do you want to know tips to fine-tune your irrigation? Do not search further; this article will give you five ways to fine-tune your irrigation system for the best performance possible.

1. Determine the Right Watering Schedule

You need to know the right volume of water that your lawn requires to stay healthy. Many factors are crucial to determine how long your irrigation system will run. The type of soil, the kind of grass or shrubs, water requirement, size of the lawn, etc. are used to determine the perfect watering schedule based on the type of sprinkler you have.

2. Water at the Right Time

When you decide to water your landscape, it is crucial to water at the right time of the day when the temperatures are cooler, and winds are calm to reduce evaporation. The right time to turn on your irrigation system is before sunrise, late afternoon, and evening.

3. Water for Shorter Periods

Another way to fine-tune your irrigation system is to water your garden, lawn, or landscape for shorter periods than letting it run at length. For instance, if your landscape requires 20 minutes watering, set your irrigation system to run at 5 minutes intervals of four times. This will allow the soil to absorb the water better.

4. Maintain Your Sprinkler

Check your sprinkler for clogging and other debris that prevent it from distributing water evenly. Also, look for leaks and other likely issues. Ensure that you clean the sprinkler every month.

5. Install Rain Shut-off Switch

Watering your landscaping while it is raining is not the best thing to do. As a result, leverage on technology advancement by purchasing a rain shutoff switch that has rain-detecting sensors to prevent watering while it is raining.

Tune up your irrigation system to make it run effectively and efficiently in a way that your lawn becomes healthy and without excess water. Follow the above tips for the best results possible.

To begin with, the answer to this question is yes, it can actually cause vision problems. The main question here is, how? The feeling of strain, blurry and teary vision, are just testaments that your eyes can give you a seriously hard time with little to no hopes of relief. Not knowing the root or cause of these problems to your vision can make it harder for you to figure out a solution. While there may be several factors and ailments could be the cause of any eye problems you suffer, stress is definitely one of them –without particular reference to the cause of the stress itself. This results in frequent visits to your optometrist. Feeling mental or physical pressure can cause vision problems, but if you are not certain about stress being a causative agent, check out these five symptoms which confirm that stress can cause vision problems. 

Tightening eye muscles

When you are stressed, your body weakens and, in an attempt to get through the situation, you subconsciously begin to draw on the last of your strength to keep alert. This can result in the involuntary tightening of your eye muscles with clenches around that may make you struggle and squint while trying to focus on your environment. 

Sensitivity to light 

Ever noticed that your eyes sometimes feel super sensitive to light? Well, when your body is stressed it reacts by creating a fortress for itself, as such your eyes try to keep out anything sensation that threatens to rock the fortress -hence the stress-induced sensitivity. 

High adrenaline, blurry vision

Stresses make you react in either fight or flight mode, both of which release adrenaline into your bloodstream. The high amount of adrenaline in your body’s system can cause you to have blurry vision and lose focus, as a result of your increased heart-rate and the feeling of lightheadedness. 


Situations that cause you to feel stressed are most often rather than not, coupled with anxiety. These feelings of stress and anxiety may cause your eyes to start twitching as a result of the unsettled emotions and thoughts brought on by the pressuring situations. 

Flashes and dark spots

As earlier mentioned, the release of adrenaline in stressful situations is the body’s call for you to pick to either fight or flight at that very moment. This may also cause you to have flashes and dark spots which cloud your vision, as a result of stress.  

These are all symptoms that indicate lead us to an earlier established point, stress can cause vision problems, although it’s not the only cause. Better to be safe than sorry, so to avoid any form of vision problem, avoid stress.

Shawarma is a middle-eastern dish that has been integrated into mainstream street food culture to the extent that chefs have begun to create their own recipes and versions of the ethnic dish. While you can enjoy this at a street store near you, you can also easily make it in the comfort of your own home. 

Shawarma can be made with just about any meat from lamb, chicken to turkey and you have the liberty to play around with vegetable fillings as you choose to have, a mini-salad combo, (some fast-food restaurants offer mango slices).

While getting the ingredients for the shawarma is easy, it is quite amusing that most people forget about the shawarma sauce when it is literally the ingredient that brings it all together for an amazing culinary experience. It is almost impossible to enjoy delicious shawarma without taking note of that signature creamy sauce that gets interwoven with the vegetable fillings and meat –a taste you get with each bite. 

This tasty sauce is made from a base of thick yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, and some salt –which explains its savory taste. There are some people who choose to add mayonnaise in the making of their shawarma sauce, but that’s entirely optional (you can add to taste). While it is essentially used in making shawarma dishes, if you have excess you can store it up in your fridge and use it as a dip, in sandwiches or for salad dressings –it is a very versatile sauce!

To make shawarma sauce for 3-4 shawarmas, you will need:

  • ½cup of Greek yogurt (optional: sour-cream can)
  • ½ medium-sized lime, juiced
  • garlic cloves, minced 
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh dill, chopped (optional: 1 teaspoon dry dill)
  • ¼ teaspoon of salt, or to taste 
  • Additional, based on preference: 1 tablespoon Tahini, 5 mint leaves (fresh or dry).

You can either place all the ingredients in a blender/ electric whisk and process for a minute, until smoothly mixed, pour into a container and store in your fridge till use, or manually mix them in a bowl with a hand-held whisk or mixing spoon and proceed to store when thoroughly mixed and fluffy. 

For a larger amount, you can multiply the above-listed ingredients to suit your taste and if you have a preference for hot spice, you can add some sriracha sauce to the mixture or pour in dried chili pepper to taste. 

The beauty of shawarma sauce lies in the best thing about shawarma itself, it is very flexible. You can experiment with different flavors and spices to switch up your taste and make your shawarma more exciting!

There are several condo improvement and renovation projects that offer a maximum return. You may want to renovate and upgrade your condo for many reasons. However, it is best to choose that condo renovation that will result in maximum return.

Here are the 5 condo renovations you should consider for maximum return:

1. Painting

Giving your condo a fresh coat of paint on its walls and trim work is a condo renovation Toronto that offers maximum benefit. There may be some hairline cracks in the ceiling and stains on the trim; you can fix them through painting.

Painting your condo will enhance the aesthetics of your condo and give it a new look. All cracks on the walls will be caulked and painted. Painting has always remained one of the best projects undertaken to improve the visual appeal of a building.

2. Condo Kitchen

The condo kitchen upgrade is another condo renovation Toronto you can invest in that guarantees maximum return. There are several things you can repair in the kitchen with the assurance of maximum benefits. The cabinets in your condo may have become outdated. Some counters also may have damaged. Do not stress out; replace the cabinets and countertops to boost the value of your condo.

3. Condo Bathroom

Bathroom renovation has always improved the value of a home, condo included. Replacing missing tiles, installing a new model toilet, changing the faucets, and upgrading the bathtub will result in maximum benefit. Contact a professional bathroom remodeling contractor for design ideas if you intend to remodel your bathroom. Either you want to improve your environment or sell your condo, you should upgrade or renovate your bathroom.

4. Flooring

It is not surprising that the first thing many people that come into a condo notice is flooring, especially when its quality is bad. If the flooring of your condo has scratches, cracks, and shoe or furniture imprints, you must renovate your flooring to fix its imperfections. If you are considering installing laminate flooring, do not choose low-cost laminate flooring – they do not last.

5. Condo Storage

You can renovate your condo and create more spacious storage, which can be used to keep away stuff that can make the apartment cluttered. Most homebuyers desire storage to keep their things. To appeal to the taste of potential homebuyers, create storage in the home. The return from the project is capable of paying for the cost of providing an adequate storage facility.

Proper installation and manufacturing are the keys to getting durable and efficient windows. Choosing expensive framing materials and the glass won’t matter much if you hire the wrong people to do the job. This is why you should always opt for qualified professionals.

With a large number of businesses offering such services, choosing the right windows and doors company can be hard. It might as well be like finding a needle in a haystack. However, following these steps, you will definitely choose adequate professionals:

Look for Certification & Recognition

Experienced companies who have existed for more than 15 years, usually have partners and collaborators. They also have tons of certificates and sometimes can even be members of established professional associations such as SAWDAC Canada.

The best option you could go for is to look for qualified experts who have worked with big and important clients, however, sometimes these companies might be hard to find. In any case, make sure that your chosen contractors are certified and recognized by many customers and acknowledged associations.

Investigate Website & Online Reviews

The best way to check for customer satisfaction is to do a bit of research on the internet. Tons of things can be found out by the way previous clients describe the work ethics of the professionals. Of course, you could find a couple of negative reviews along the way, but these won’t matter much if the majority of the clients are happy with the services.

The company’s website is also important. How they manage their website speaks volume about their professionalism. If they have contact buttons, blogs, and before& after pics, chances are, the company is thorough and dedicated to the job.

Always ask for Warranties

None of the above mentioned are as important as the warranties. If a company doesn’t offer quality warranties, then something suspicious is definitely going on. You should ask both for manufacturing and installation warranties.

The first guarantees the quality of the product while the second one considers the quality of manual work. Depending on the material and window type, a manufacturing warranty can last from 10 to 30 years. The manual work, on the other hand, is covered from 1 to 3 years.

What are their Financing Options?

The great windows and doors companies always have a deep understanding of their clients’ needs. Asking about financing options like monthly payments, referral, and promotions isn’t shameful at all. In fact, it is a completely normal part of almost every business conversation.

Beware though, some companies may include down payments and penalties in their plans. This might not sound that scary at first, but many homeowners have ended up paying much more than the sum written on the initial deal. That’s why always choose those with open loans, zero penalties, and no down payments.

With a large number of businesses offering such services, choosing the right windows and doors company can be hard

What about Quality & Services?

A company can be recognized across the entire globe, but that doesn’t make it flawless and perfect. The most important thing that should be considered is the quality of the services and the products. We discussed earlier how the former can be discovered through certificates, established memberships, and important clientele.

The latter or the product quality is also checked through certificates, but of a different kind. Make sure that the products of the company you choose have Energy Stars, CSA marks, A+ ratings, and IGMA certificates. These marks and ratings are gotten through various product testing that is acknowledged by the top experts in Canada.