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When shopping for a new window, it’s very important that you learn about durability, longevity and energy efficiency.

Old Age

As any material in our homes, with time windows completely lose functionality. Every manufactured and installed window out there has its own lifespan. However, it will mostly depend on weather conditions, amount of maintenance, framing material, and quality of the installation.

To find out whether your window is reaching old age, simply check your warranties and keep in mind these numbers:

  • Aluminum – 18 years maximum, a lot less if located near oceans and seas
  • Wood – an average of 30, can give up early if infected by rot and pesticide
  • Vinyl – maximum of 50, but everything depends on manufacturing
  • Fibreglass – can even reach 60 if not a victim of difficult impacts and storms

Time to Change your Windows

Obvious Damage

The second telltale sign of window replacement is obvious damage. Issues such as cracks, rot, leaks, condensation, and fallen parts are definitely signs that you need to add new replacement windows. Many homeowners try fixing such damages on their own.

Evidently, it’s a good way to save up on some money for replacements and professional repairs, however, it won’t address the underlying issue and won’t fix the damages entirely. Yes, rot can be removed with a hammer, but how long until it appears again?

Moisture & Mould

The most common reason for window failure is high moisture levels. After your home’s indoor air starts becoming unbalanced, tiny water droplets will start to appear on your windows and doors. If ventilation isn’t improved, these droplets will invite mould growth and pesticide in your home.

You can easily notice if you have dampness around your windows. It will start with interior condensation and quickly move onto rot, mould, and cold breezes. Running dehumidifiers won’t help at these stages since the windows will already be significantly damaged.

As any material in our homes, with time windows completely lose functionality

Time to Change your Windows

Failing Mechanism

Before you decide on the window style, you must learn everything there is about it. For instance, each type of window has its own flaws. About the time it reaches its age limit, certain situations might occur. One of them is a failed mechanism.

However, each type will fail at different things. With a double-hung, you might experience difficulties with the bottom sash while with a casement, you will face looseness and draftiness.

If you feel like your window is getting too old or too difficult to open and close, immediately contact experts and get the perspective of a professional.

Higher Bills

Last, but not least are high energy bills. The main role a window has is to protect you from cold breezes in the winter and heatwaves in the summer. When you find yourself turning on the furnace or the HVAC more often, give your windows and doors a visit and a thorough investigation.

Old, damaged windows let everything pass through them, including noise from the outside. This can also damage your energy bills since in this situation you won’t be having proper insulation. To get a better perspective: New vinyl windows won’t increase your bills. In fact, statistics shows how they can even reduce them by 15%.