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There is more to Italian food than pizza and spaghetti. With the Italian cooking culture spreading all over the world, Mississauga has not been left behind. It has restaurants offering the best Italian cuisines for you and your family to enjoy.

Below is a list of the best Italian restaurants in Mississauga:

Casalinga Alioli

The restaurant represents one of the best places to experience the best Italian experience in Mississauga. It is located in the Royal Windsor on the Southwest corner of the city. It has numerous dishes ranging from pizza, antipasti, Insalata, pasta, among others. With dinner prices ranging between $16-26, it is deemed to be affordable by many people. It is popular for its signature dishes capped with personalized service.

Ombretta Cucina + Vino

The restaurant is named after a colourful Venetian history. Under the guidance of chef/owners, the restaurant has managed to prepare and serve classic Italian cuisine. It is located on 121 Lakeshore Rd in Mississauga. It has a variety of affordable dishes on its menu, which range between $11-45. Due to its convenient location and excellent interior, it is one of the best places to hold an event. The services are also flexible, thus offering the best-customized experience. This is personally our favourite Italian Restaurant in Mississauga.

Best Italian Restaurants in Mississauga

Michael’s Back Door

It is named after Michael Morra, an Italian immigrant to Canada. It is located on 1715 Lakeshore Rd in Mississauga and started operating 1981. Its convenient location and setup make it stand out among its competitors. It offers the best experience for a date and also corporate events. They have a variety of seafood and all Italian cuisines ranging between $16-35.

Papa Giuseppe’s

It is located at the heart of Port Credit. The place has an Italian-themed dining room offering an excellent spot to enjoy your meal. They serve a selection of antipasti and also a wide variety of pasta. The patio makes it a popular place during the summer months. The prices for the dishes range between $16-30.

Goodfellas Wooden Oven Pizza

The restaurant can be mistaken for an Italian home owing to its appearance. The interior is exquisitely done, making it a must-visit. It is located on 209 Queen Street in Mississauga. Their popular VIP cards mean that their services are even more affordable. It is the first place to offer authentic Neopolitan wood oven pizza and homemade pasta. It has a wide array of Italian wine that pairs well with the dishes on the menu.