A broken furnace can be a pain in the side. But you can prevent an utter breakdown of your furnace by paying attention to its warning signs and undertake furnace repair. You must lookout for signs that you need furnace replacement despite spending on its maintenance and repairs.

You cannot continue to keep repairing your furnace every time. Some signs indicate that your house is due for furnace replacement. Then, why would you keep repairing a dying furnace? It is time for furnace replacement; look out for the signs below:

1. Steady Rise in Your Energy Bills and Repairs

The first and most significant sign that tells you that you need furnace replacement is a noticeable increase in the cost of your energy bills and equipment repairs. Old furnaces must work harder to produce the heat you need, and this causes them to binge on energy. Cost of regular maintenance and an increase in energy cost tell you to opt for furnace replacement. Buy a new and more efficient furnace.

How do You Know When Your Furnace Needs to be Replaced?2. Strange Noise

Regardless of the frequency of repairs, if your furnace gets noisier and louder than usual, you should consider a furnace replacement. When your furnace keeps making rattling, humming, squealing, and popping sound, it is probably due for a replacement. If after several attempts by the technician to fix its unusual noise level, your furnace still makes that screeching noise, furnace replacement is the next step to take.

3. Ageing

The average life expectancy of a furnace is from 15 to 20 years. Therefore, if your furnace is around this age or beyond, you should be getting ready for furnace replacement. Think about buying a more efficient and improved furnace.

4. Inconsistent or Different Temperatures throughout the Home

The older a furnace gets, the more inefficient it becomes. When notice varying temperature or inconsistencies in the warmth of each room in your home, it shows that your furnace can no longer distribute heat evenly throughout the house. This can cause some rooms to be colder than the rest. At this point, you undoubtedly need a furnace replacement.

You must lookout for signs that you need furnace replacement despite spending on its maintenance and repairs.

5. Yellow Flame

When your furnace starts burning and showing yellow or flickering flame instead of blue, the chances are that your furnace now creates poisonous carbon monoxide. Other signs to look out for to know that your furnace is producing carbon monoxide include the lack of upward draft in the chimney, excess moisture on windows, and water leakage from under the base of the chimney.
As soon as you notice some of the signs discussed above, be getting ready for furnace replacement.