Escape rooms or escape games are puzzles that are designed for teams to cooperatively solve and proceed from one room to another in a limited amount of time. These games are great for family, friends or companies looking for team building events. Here is a list of the best escape rooms in Mississauga.

Top Escape Rooms in Mississauga

Escape from the 6

This is perfect for team building activities since there is a discount for groups of over 15 people. It offers two games, Escape the Wild West for $25 per person and Firefighter Rescue Mission for $28 per person. It offers unique and intense puzzles that are interspersed with quirky jump scares to give you some light-hearted fun. It is both beginner and expert friendly. The staff is friendly and helpful. They might give you clues if you are stuck, but they will freeze the clock, so you do not lose time!

Perplexity Escape Games

Perplexity is open on Wednesday to Friday from 6.00pm to 10.00pm and on weekends from 1.00pm to 10.00pm. You can schedule an appointment on holidays via call. It is a relatively new location and is still expanding. So far it has games such as The Lost and Found, The Gate, The Last Laugh, among others. The games are complexly designed, and the rooms are very immersive, for an indulging team-building experience. The staff promises to enhance brainstorming and delegation among team members. The standard price is $27 per person per room for a 60 minutes long game.

HintHunt Mississauga

The games are designed for 2-6 or a large group of 20 people making it perfect for a friends’ outing, birthdays and team building events for large companies. It offers challenging, fun and fast-paced to keep you at your toes and to encourage collective decision making. There are three rooms and four games; Submarine-Torpedo, The Crypt, Zen Room and Submarine-Deep-down. They require no skills to play. It has extraordinary room designs and welcoming staff. It is the overall value for your money.

NOWAYOUT Escape Rooms

This is designed for team building events for smaller groups as the games can accommodate 2-8 players at a time. It is a busy spot, especially on weekends so it would be wise to book in advance. It offers two rooms and a van. The apartments require a bit of experience beforehand but worry not, they provide game trailers and instructions on their website. However, the games are scarier than all provided by other mentioned escape rooms. It offers exciting, detailed, challenging and fun puzzles. If you are looking for incredibly intense adventure, NOWAYOUT is the way to go.

De Code Adventures

Out of this whole list, De Code Adventures offers the most variety. It has six rooms, each with its unique challenge. It provides engaging games such as the ‘De Triad Code’ which allows team members to assume leadership, delegation and decision making roles. It provides for 3-12 players per room, making it perfect for large groups looking for team building events. It is also relatively cheap, charging $2 per person. There is a short orientation session to familiarize you with the requirements of the game.

Survive the Night Escape Rooms

It has ample accommodations for groups of 12. Therefore, it is perfect for large groups looking for a venue for team building events. However, it is not suitable for small groups unless the people are comfortable playing games with strangers. The rooms might be a little scarier than most as they veer on the paranormal, so it is not for faint-hearted people. Puzzles include The Curse of Edemerah Village, Escape the Pits of Embermoore and The Descent into Zatra’s Tomb. It charges $28 per person and offers extras such as Battle Archery and live board games for those interested.