Ci Ads

Marketing is a crucial part of any business. Although businesses use several marketing strategies, choosing the right strategy will save you money and give maximum results. Marketing videos have become an indispensable part of any marketing strategy that aims to succeed.

With the ever-growing number of smartphone and mobile phone users globally, videos are essential in any marketing strategy, making promotional video services to be in high demand. As a result, you should consider prioritizing video ads in your strategy.

Here are the 5 tips and tricks for making a good video ad:

1. Purpose

You must put a plan together and decide what purposes you want the videos to serve and what message you want to convey to the audience.

Given the above, answer the following questions to find the right purpose for your video ad:

a. Do you want to introduce your business or services?
b. Are you promoting an existing or new product or service?
c. Are you promoting a “special offer” to the audience?
d. What benefits will your product or service add to customers?
e. Can you express your customers’ opinions about your product or service using quotes or testimonials?

If you have a hard time finding a purpose for the video ad, contact a reputable ad company for promotional video services.

2. Write A Script

Do not attempt to create video ads without writing a script. You have in-depth knowledge of your business and you are best at telling people about it. Write the script conveying your message about your product or service, and how you intend to make people’s lives better. If you cannot come up with a script, contact a PR company that offers promotional video services.

3. Own The Video

Another tip to make an excellent video ad is to personalize the video. This is one crucial way to connect with the audience. You may include the pictures of your employees, your customers’ pictures, and your picture. For greater impact, you can include the videos of the customers using your product or service.

Meanwhile, you can save yourself the headache of creating the video yourself, by hiring promotional video services from a reputable company. You will be granted permission to use the image and everything produced to promote your business after signing the necessary agreement.

4. Choose The Right Setting

Your video must reflect your business. If you want your video to resonate with your business and engage the audience, you must select the right setting. As a transfer company, show one of your employees arrive at a pickup spot with a neat uniform bearing your logo. This way, it will be easy for people to remember your business, easily linking your business with the video ad.

5. Shoot a High-quality Video

The quality of your video matters a lot. As a result, ensure to get everything done professionally to get the best results. Shoot the video during the day very close to a window if you do not have professional lighting. Use a professional microphone to record the audio; do not depend on the built-in microphone on the video camera.

Besides, keep the video concise, not longer than 30 seconds. However, you must remember to include a “call to action.” That is the juicy part of your video ad. If you want to save yourself time and stress, it will be best to go for promotional video services.


Follow the tips above to create a great video ad. Meanwhile, you can focus on the core of your business and hire professionals for promotional video services that will convey your message perfectly.