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Did you stop watering your garden or landscaping manually? Are you looking for ways to put your sprinkler system in the best working condition? Do you want to know tips to fine-tune your irrigation? Do not search further; this article will give you five ways to fine-tune your irrigation system for the best performance possible.

1. Determine the Right Watering Schedule

You need to know the right volume of water that your lawn requires to stay healthy. Many factors are crucial to determine how long your irrigation system will run. The type of soil, the kind of grass or shrubs, water requirement, size of the lawn, etc. are used to determine the perfect watering schedule based on the type of sprinkler you have.

2. Water at the Right Time

When you decide to water your landscape, it is crucial to water at the right time of the day when the temperatures are cooler, and winds are calm to reduce evaporation. The right time to turn on your irrigation system is before sunrise, late afternoon, and evening.

3. Water for Shorter Periods

Another way to fine-tune your irrigation system is to water your garden, lawn, or landscape for shorter periods than letting it run at length. For instance, if your landscape requires 20 minutes watering, set your irrigation system to run at 5 minutes intervals of four times. This will allow the soil to absorb the water better.

4. Maintain Your Sprinkler

Check your sprinkler for clogging and other debris that prevent it from distributing water evenly. Also, look for leaks and other likely issues. Ensure that you clean the sprinkler every month.

5. Install Rain Shut-off Switch

Watering your landscaping while it is raining is not the best thing to do. As a result, leverage on technology advancement by purchasing a rain shutoff switch that has rain-detecting sensors to prevent watering while it is raining.

Tune up your irrigation system to make it run effectively and efficiently in a way that your lawn becomes healthy and without excess water. Follow the above tips for the best results possible.


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