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Your eyes are undoubtedly one of the most important organs in your body. Hence, you need to take proper care of it throughout the year. But the icy cold chill winter winds may cause your eye to become dry and experience pain. 

5 tips to protect your eyes and keep them healthy

  • Consume an eye-healthy diet: Your diet does have a direct effect on eye health. To treat dry eye syndromes, you need to intake foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It is found in tuna, sardines, salmon, etc.
  • Moisturize your eyes: Harsh, dry winds in winter are likely to cause blurry vision, itchiness, and burning eyes. Moreover, indoor heaters are likely to reduce the moisture content in the air. This in turn will lead to blurry vision and burning eyes. You might even feel gritty in your eyes. This symptom is often mistaken for some infection or allergy. According to medical experts, natural tears are just drying out. The remedy is to stay away from artificial heat sources. Also, do use a humidifier or artificial tears to alleviate dryness. You can get artificial tears at medicine stores without requiring a prescription. You may also choose trustworthy eye drops formulated specially to cure the blurry vision experienced from dry winter eyes. 
  • Take a break from gadgets: If you are addicted to using your smartphone, computer, or TV, then do take regular breaks. Otherwise, increased time spent on these gadgets is likely to irritate and dry your eyes. This will allow your eyes to take a much-needed break. Your eyes also get tired and drier. Take rest and blink eyes more to regain moisture. 
  • Stay hydrated: You need to drink fluids during summer as well as in winter months to stay hydrated. This will ensure you stay hydrated from within and prevent dry eyes. A sufficient amount of water in your body is sure to create a huge difference, especially when venturing outside braving chilly winds. 
  • Wear proper sunglasses: White snow is said to reflect around 80% of harmful UV rays of the sun. It also results in sunburn in the cornea region during winter. If you are into active sports like skiing or trekking, then it is important to safeguard your eyes from glare. This is possible by wearing quality polarized sunglasses that assures 100% UV protection. 

If still, you face problems in your eyes during winter, then it will be wise to consult a good optometrist.