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Whether you are looking to upgrade residential or commercial roofing, metal is a material that must be considered. It is true that in the past people had certain worries considering metal shingles. Homeowners were simply more used to traditional designs such as those made from wood or tiles.

Today, however, the situation is very different. After passing a period of adaptation, nowadays buyers put metal as one of the top 3 available roofing materials. Here is why:

Extremely Long Lifespans

Most of us immediately go for the cheaper option. That’s why asphalt shingles are the most popular amongst buyers. Little do those buyers know that that cheap asphalt roof will have to be replaced after 15 years or so.

With a higher price, you get better quality and fewer worries on your mind. If the maximum lifespan of asphalt is 18 years, you will have to replace your roof at least 2 times in your lifetime. But, if you purchase metal roofing with a maximum lifespan of 100 years, chances are it will outlive your entire house.

What are the Benefits of a Metal Roof?

Strength and Resistance

One of the reasons why metal lasts so long is its strength. Experts say how after each severe storm, the number of metal roofs purchased significantly increases. And of course, it does!

When people see how their neighbour’s metal roof stays put during strong winds while their own tile or asphalt flies away, they will absolutely reconsider their construction decisions.

Even though it has certain flaws like denting due to temperature variations, metal is still the strongest material on the market today. Add extreme fire-resistance in the mix and there you have – the ideal material for your home!

Talk About Saving the Environment

Since “the rise of the machines”, we basically left our planet for dead. But let’s be honest here, long before Canadians started to become aware of energy efficiency and sustainability, Europeans were already putting certain methods in practice.

Today, however, the situation is very different. After passing a period of adaptation, nowadays buyers put metal as one of the top 3 available roofing materials.

That’s why metal roofing is still a subject of debate in Canada and the US, while it is actively installed throughout Europe. 25% of all metal roofs are made from recycled materials. Additionally, they are 100% recyclable themselves, extremely energy efficient, and are a perfect base for solar panel installation.

This is why this material should be especially considered for commercial roofing.

Powerful, but Lightweight

We already discussed all the wonderful benefits of metal roofs, but one can easily say how tile and slate have almost the same advantages. Yes, tile is strong, resistant, energy-efficient and eco-friendly. But, for basically the same price, with metal you will get additional benefits.

For instance, tile is a heavyweight material. This means that it isn’t suitable for every home. The house must have substantial strength in its structure to carry a heavy tile roofing.

Contrary to this situation, metal is lightweight. It can be adjusted to fit every type of home to that end that it can be also installed above an old asphalt roofing without doing damage to the foundation.


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