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Quite a large number of people are interested in teeth whitening because they want a brighter smile. Teeth whitening is an easy way to bring out the shine in the teeth and boost the confidence to chat and laugh in public. Over the years, many people choose teeth whitening because it is an easy, affordable, and painless procedure that produces fantastic results.

Here are the 5 most frequently asked questions on teeth whitening:

  1. What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is the process of removing stains and discoloration on the teeth. The process focuses on lightening the teeth. It is a cosmetic dental procedure that improves the appearance and colour of the teeth. Teeth whitening can be carried out in a dental clinic by a professional dentist or at home using specially formulated teeth whitening products to brighten the colour of the teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions on Teeth Whitening

  1. Is There Any Need for Teeth Whitening?

Although teeth whitening is not a necessary dental procedure, it is best suited for persons with coloured teeth. When teeth have colour yellow, brown or stains, teeth whitening may be required to remove the stains and make the teeth white again.

If you use tobacco or take cola, coffee, tea, and red wine regularly, you are likely to have stained or coloured teeth. You may request for teeth whitening Toronto to brighten your teeth.

  1. Can Teeth Whitening Remove All Stains?

The enamel (the outer layer of a tooth) can get stained in two significant ways: the intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains are caused by exposure to excessive fluoride when teeth are developing, side effects of tetracycline antibiotics, trauma, etc. Teeth whitening can fix some intrinsic stains while crowns and veneers may be required for other intrinsic stains.

Extrinsic stains include stains from taking dark-coloured liquids or tobacco. Teeth whitening Toronto is entirely effective on this type of stains.

Teeth whitening is an easy way to bring out the shine in the teeth and boost the confidence to chat and laugh in public.

  1. How Long Does Teeth Whitening Effect Last?

The effects of teeth whitening are not permanent. The procedure has to be repeated periodically to sustain the whiteness achieved. If you expose your teeth to beverages and foods that cause staining, the whiteness will start to fade within one month of having the procedure. If you are careful with the type of foods and drinks you take, the procedure can last between 6 months and one year.

  1. Can Teeth Whitening Toronto damage the Enamel?

Studies have been carried out on teeth whitening products containing about 10% carbamide peroxide. No effect was found in the hardness of the teeth’s enamel surface. Teeth whitening procedure is safe for your teeth.