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Windows and doors replacement can seem like an extensive renovation project that is both time-consuming and expensive. But did you know that if you don’t replace those key elements when they get damaged, you risk compromising your home’s security and comfort? Well, our expert windows and doors contractors encourage you to think about this as a long-term investment. It can raise the curb appeal of your property, increasing its value and comfort. Read this article to discover how to tell it’s time to replace windows!

Do a draft test

The first thing you can do to discover whether it’s time to consider window replacement in the draft test. It is a simple method every homeowner can perform with little to no hassle. You’ll need a candle or a lighter, which you’ll have to move slowly around the edges of your window. If the flame flickers, chances are your windows don’t insulate your home correctly. Keep in mind that drafts can occur due to poor installation and hardware issues. So, requesting a professional assessment from a windows and doors contractor is more than necessary!

Check the exterior of your window.

Inspecting the caulking on the exterior can reveal valuable insights concerning the status of your windows. A broken seal can lead to heat loss and high energy bills. So, if you notice something off about energy consumption in your home, check the outer area around your windows. The caulking should run continuously all around the perimeter of your window. It is the first item that deteriorates when it comes to windows, and you might need a replacement for it. Still, if your windows show additional signs of damage, an experienced windows expert will suggest opting for installing new windows.

Check the status of the frames.

After inspecting the caulking, you should observe your window frames’ status both from the interior and the exterior. Temperature and weather fluctuations can take a toll on frames, making them inefficient in insulating your home. So, if window frames have noticeable damage, it might be time for you to replace them. Opting for a repair won’t do wonders, and it can even pose a safety risk for your family.

Assess the status of the glass

Many homeowners overlook the importance of the glass. But in case you didn’t know already, a telltale sign it’s time to replace windows is whether the glass is see-through. In time, it can lose its quality and get faded. As such, you’ll quickly notice there is hardly any natural light entering your home.

Final word

Every homeowner should think seriously about the importance of windows in any home. And, of course, when it’s time to replace those, opting for windows and doors replacement done by a professional is a must. Replacing both windows and doors can save you a lot of trouble, including water damage. So, make sure you perform regular maintenance and replace those key elements in your home as soon as you notice any damage.