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As long as planning to host a party is concerned, there are numerous things you need to think about and what your guests will eat and drink is usually one of them. Like many other party hosts, you may be struggling with determining the amount of alcohol you need for a party.

Don’t worry. In this article, we will describe how to estimate how much alcohol you should get for your party.

Factors that can determine how much alcohol to buy

It should be noted that some factors play key roles in determining the amount of alcohol needed for a party. These factors are mentioned below:

  • The duration of the party

Before you start buying alcohol for a party, you need to consider how long the party will last. For instance, if you are hosting a party for 8 hours, you can expect some of the attendees to take several bottles of alcohol. But this may not apply for a 2-hour party. Therefore, think about the duration of the party before buying alcohol.

  • The number of people expected at the people

So, how many people are you expecting at the party? This should give you a clear idea of the number of alcoholic drinks needed. However, you should consider the fact that some people may not come. Also, if you allow people to come with their uninvited partners, prepare alcohol for them too.

  • What type of party are you hosting?

Different kinds of parties require different amounts of alcoholic drinks. For instance, if you are having a cocktail party, lots of people will focus on alcohol; hence, they will drink lots of it. But the reverse is the case for a sit-down dinner that allows people to talk, socialize, and do other things without necessarily focusing on alcohol. Therefore, the type of party you are hosting can help you to estimate how much alcohol is needed.

  • What kind of drinkers are your guests?

Are the majority of your party guests heavy drinkers? If yes, you need to get lots of alcohol if you want them to enjoy the party. Nonetheless, if your guests don’t drink much, you don’t have to buy a large quantity of booze.

  • What variety of alcohol do you want to give your guests?

Knowing the variety of alcohol you want to offer can also help you to estimate the amount you are buying. Generally, some drinks are more intoxicating than others. Hence, you may not need to buy a lot to make your guests get boozy. Therefore, decide whether you are offering wine, beer, or a combination of both.

Estimating the quantity you need

Once you have considered all factors highlighted above, you should estimate the amount by using these tips:

  • One drink for each average drinker per one hour.
  • If you are serving only costly wine, calculate one bottle for two guests per two hours.
  • Whatever the amount of alcohol you have estimated, increase it by around 25% to be on the safer side.

With this, you should be able to estimate how much alcohol you need for a party.

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