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Window replacement offers several benefits to you, from enhanced energy efficiency to reduction in energy bills and improvement in the level of comfort within the home through the elimination of drafts. Consequently, if you want to transform your home without breaking the bank, window replacement is your best choice.

Here are 5 tips on how to prepare for your windows and doors contractor to replace your windows:

1. Declutter Your Home

Since the installers will have to move in and out of your home moving bulky windows for installation. Declutter your home to create ample space for free movement without stumbling on your items. Pack your children’s toys, extra pillows, ottoman, etc. and keep them in a safe place until the installation is completed. It is not ideal for the installers to be maneuvering in your home, trying to avoid stumbling on your items.

2. Save Energy

Due to the movement of the installers in and out, you should try and conserve energy by turning off your HVAC unit. In view of this, you should follow the local weather forecast to choose a day with nice weather. Remember that windows will be removed and installed and that until the window replacement is completed, your home cannot be energy-efficient. Save energy and cost.  

3. Provide Parking Space

Replacement windows will be taken to your home in a truck. You should provide a parking space that will be close to your entry door for easy unloading of replacement windows and other materials. Move your vehicle away from the driveway to allow the installer company park there. The closer their truck is to your doorstep, the more convenient it would be to move needed materials into your home.

4. Give Them Access

If you would not be around to supervise the window replacement installation in your home, arrange with a family member to stand in for you to make your home accessible to the installers. Without granting access to your home, the project is best considered as suspended because the installers unavoidably have to enter the house to fix the new windows properly. If you will not be around, inform the installers before so that you can agree on a new date to install the replacement windows.

5. Remove Wall Decorations

Do not forget to remove all wall decorations around all the windows to be replaced. Takedown the painting, photographs, murals, and other fragile interior decors that can be broken when installers are moving materials inside for the installation process. Keep them safe in a room that is not included in the project. Do not take chances – strip the affected walls of delicate decorations.

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