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Knowing home improvement projects that add or do not add to your home could be quite tricky. Knowing which is reasonable to invest in to scale up the value of your home comes with a little experience. They could be as basic as a window replacement and complex as reinventing a room. Here are home improvement fixes you’d find “figuratively” beneficial.

Installation of Energy Efficient Windows

Window replacement from older to more energy efficient models could play into the consideration of prospective buyers. No one wants a window with a near-one-star beauty and functional rating. Energy conservation qualities of your window can have a significant effect on the value of your home especially in places with extreme weather conditions. Double panned windows, steel and fiberglass windows are the way to go here.

Restructure Your Kitchen

The kitchen is seen as a core aspect of every home. Remodeling your kitchen could go a long way. Buyers claimed according to a survey that is one of their three first considerations in buying any home. The average ROI for a kitchen remodel is 81% also depending on other factors such as your location. It’s more of like a perfunctory action to look into the kitchen for buyers. Have a window replacement done to it, expand the square foot, etc. If you want to scale up the value of your home, revamping your kitchen could be your epic start.

What Home Improvement Fixes Will Increase Your Home Value

Consider an Additional Bathroom

Creating additional bathrooms could give you up to 80-130% ROI on investment. Look for underutilized spaces in your house that could function as a bathroom. You need nothing less than 18-40squarefeet for a bathroom depending on the kind of appliances to install. And whether it’s a full-bath or half bath.

Revisit Your Landscaping

Landscaping is about one of the easiest and cheapest methods of earning value for your home. A few natural fixes like healthy flowers and trees and well-trimmed lawns will create an impression on your potential buyer and could scale up the value of your house. Planting trees, for example, will not only raise the value of your home but do so to neighboring houses. These fixes will increase your curb appeal. Real estate experts claim that landscaping can increase your ROI anywhere from 200%-400%.

They could be as basic as a window replacement and complex as reinventing a room. Here are home improvement fixes you’d find “figuratively” beneficial.

Adding Square Footage

Bigger rooms breed bigger value. Potential buyers never fail to notice this. More people usually consider more bedrooms even than their ideal family needs. You can consider removing a few walls just to enlarge the space or add another bathroom to increase the overall square footage.

Seemingly insignificant things sometimes count to buyers. Putting all these bits of information into practice can perform magic on the impression and decision of a buyer. They also impact on the overall cost of your property. Little wonder experts so much recommend these listed fixes.


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