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Do you find yourself constantly using pain relief pills for your lower back pain? Or have you been missing work lately due to this or have made the doctor’s office your second home? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you’re probably engaging in at least one of those activities that could cause lower back pain. In this article, we’ll be discussing these activities and how best to treat them with physiotherapy.


Spondylosis is the most natural type of lower back pain. This type of back pain is caused due to the weakening of the bones in the human body as is mostly associated with old age. However, the pain is not present in all old people, especially those who take physical therapy seriously. If you’re aging with lower back pain, or have the fear of lower back pain, physiotherapy would help you combat both the pain and the fear. Happy Retirement.

Physical Stress

The major cause of lower back pain is exacting too much stress on your back muscles and ligaments. Which could lead to either a tear or stretch. Don’t get frightened. It is usually not serious, however, not taking physiotherapy seriously could make the back pain even worse. 

Poor posture

How you stand matters, doesn’t matter if you’re a model or not. A poor body posture for an extended period of time can be as bad as excessive physical stress on your back muscles and ligaments. However, some people naturally have poor body posture and need physical therapy to correct such disability. 


Arthritis can affect the spinal region below your waist. Arthritis causes the joints to swell and reduces motion due to stiffness. Arthritis is mostly linked with old people and doesn’t have a cure, however, with the right treatments, a person suffering from arthritis will be able to manage his/her lower back pain.

Ruptured Disc

This sounds scary and really serious, right? Well, that’s because it is, however, not everyone who experiences a ruptured disc would suffer lower back pain. This type of back pain could be a result of excessive physical stress or a minor accident. A Ruptured disc needs the attention of a physical therapist immediately.

Lower back pain can be minute or severe, depending on the cause of pain. However, if your back hurts for more than a couple of hours notwithstanding the cause, you should see a physical therapist.