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Visual Presentation

Keep the visual presentation in mind. Videos are a highly visual form of media. It seems obvious but this is easy to lose sight of. While there are many elements important to good videography, it is the graphics that make viewers choose it over other forms of media.
A video is meant to appeal to a person’s sight. It is not to say that other elements are not important, they can all lose viewer’s attention if done wrong. Videos are a more complex form of media and will only work if all parts flow together into a coherent whole.

Staying in Focus

One of the important aspects to keep in mind during production is your focus. Your message needs to remain clear throughout the video. A concise and clear message will leave the audience satisfied and keep them engaged. A videographer risks blurring their message if it’s over explained. Additionally, straying from the theme too often will result in the same effect.
You don’t want to bury your message or lose focus. More importantly the audience doesn’t want you to. If you derail or distract from your point it appears less significant. If it isn’t important to you, why should it be to your audience? Keeping it clear and in focus will mean more than a flashy presentation.

The Audience

A videographer will typically have a particular audience in mind. Understanding that audience and appealing to what’s important to them will keep them interested. It’s more than keeping their attention, you have to convince them. Demonstrating an understanding of your audience will make your message more effective and trustworthy.

Speak to the Heart

No matter the message we’re all human. Emotion is a fundamental part of who we are. Appealing to an emotional aspect is a useful tool to a videographer. Addressing this aspect well can make videos more engaging and memorable. If the viewers emotions are involved, then so are they. It can’t be stressed enough how important this is.

Some media uses trigger words and topics to generate interest. This is a very basic method of targeting emotions. The tactic is valid, but it takes more than that. If all you care about is being viewed, go ahead. Overuse of the tactic will lose the audience quickly. Just as lack of substance will lose interest. A videographer can use it to generate initial attention, but other key elements are necessary to keep it. Appealing to emotion enhances the message. It should never replace it.


Many elements play a role in the process. Keeping them in balance will lead to better results. A video is only effective if all the pieces function together. It can be daunting at first, but with experience it will become more natural.