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You can avail uncountable benefits by cleaning your office. Cleaning makes your office germ and dust-free. Cleaning also helps in the success of your business as a clean and hygiene office means fewer sick employers, and more employees’ presence can lead to business success.

Industrial cleaning supplies services can help you in cleaning your office more efficiently. But the question is, how often should you schedule your office cleaning. There is no fixed period for it as every office is different. Also, the nature and size of every office are different, But it depends on various factors like the type and size of the office.

It would be helpful to read the difference between regular and deep cleaning before diving into the factors that will help you determine how to schedule your office cleaning.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning of the office refers to cleaning the desk, wiping out tables, vacuuming floors and stairs, and more. You can do these simple tasks with the help of your staff, or you can hire a worker to do the regular cleaning of the office. In short, a person can do these simple cleaning.

However, you should perform a regular cleaning process daily. But if not, you have to clean the garbage of your office once a week, and desks and tables should also clean at least once a week. This cleaning will make your office clean and help keep you and your employees healthy.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning refers to cleaning tile grout, sanitizing surfaces, changing air filters, etc. You have to hire industrial cleaning supplies or office cleaning service to deep clean the office as deep cleaning requires experts and several types of equipment and tools.

Deep cleaning of the office might be costly and distracting. You might think that it is unnecessary. But it is mandatory for the health of you and your employees as it prevents your office from various types of germs, mold, viruses, and other harmful pollutants.

However, deep cleaning does not need daily cleaning like regular cleaning. The average office needs deep cleaning once or twice a year.

Factors that help in determining the schedule of the office cleaning

The size, kind of work, and employees’ motion will help you determine the office schedule. For example, if the size of your office and the number of your employees are significant, then your office needs more cleaning than the office with fewer employees.

The office-like restaurant, hospital, or cloth shop requires more cleaning than an office like an advertising agency or real estate agency. In short, the workplace involves the motion of customers, and employees need more cleaning.

The office where work like carpeting happens requires more cleaning than the office with less or no carpeting. The kind of work performed in an office also helps determine the office’s scheduled cleaning.


Making decisions on the schedule for cleaning an office is not easy as every office is different. But it would be helpful if you focused on the nature, size, and amount of activity to know the scheduled time of cleaning the office.