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What are laser hair removal benefits? Laser hair removal is the process of using laser beams to eliminate unwanted hair. People will seek laser hair removal for a variety of reasons such as keeping up with current trends or wanting to get rid of body hair that they feel self-conscious about. If you’re looking into laser treatment for yourself, here are five of the most common laser hair removal benefits:

1. It’s Long Lasting

Laser treatments can safely and effectively remove hairs on sensitive areas like underarms, bikini lines, and more. What makes laser treatments unique is that laser energy targets the melanin in the root of your unwanted hairs without affecting surrounding structures like skin pigmentation or oil glands. This means that laser treatments target only the targeted area, leaving the rest of your body intact.

2. It’s Permanent

Most laser hair removal options provide permanent laser hair removal benefits. Unlike shaving, laser treatments get rid of unwanted hairs at the root which means that laser energy is destroying both the part of your hair that you can see and the follicle underneath it. With repeated laser treatments, these hairs will not grow back in their natural state in most situations.

3. It’s Relatively Painless

The laser energy works by targeting the melanin in your hair. This laser energy won’t burn or damage your skin, which means that laser hair removal is rarely painful and the laser will only target the hairs on the surface of your skin. In most cases, patients can actually go right back on with their lives immediately after laser treatments.

4. It’s Fast and Convenient

Hair removal laser treatments can be as quick as a few minutes given your technician is trained to target the right laser energy at the right level for your laser hair removal sessions. This means that laser treatments are faster than shaving, waxing or plucking which also means less downtime. If you have sensitive skin, you may even need to shave before a laser treatment session if you experience irritation from shaving already.

5. It’s Safe

Laser hair removal has been around long enough that there have been multiple studies performed on its safety profile. According to the FDA, laser hair therapy devices have not been properly studied in clinical trials so it was unclear whether laser procedures were safe or effective until recently.
But laser hair treatments don’t work on all types of skin or hair, so you should always talk to a qualified dermatology professional before trying any laser treatment option.