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The roof of your commercial building is exposed to a wide range of abuse, from the sun’s harmful rays, to heavy snowfalls and blistering thunderstorms. Your commercial roof stands up to all of this, keeping your team and work protected underneath. A commercial roof can withstand this beating for 20+ years, and with proper maintenance your roof can last even longer.

Here are 5 commercial roof maintenance tips to ensure you get the most out of your roof:

1. Inspect Your Roof Often

Inspecting your roof often will help you catch any potential issues before they become a big problem. Look for any missing or loose material, any bubbling or peeling and any signs of damage such as cracks. Soft areas and areas where there is pooling water should also get some extra attention. Don’t forget to inspect the flashing to ensure it is also in good shape.

2. Clean Your Roof

Cleaning your roof and removing any debris means that your roof can complete its job as intended. Loose materials and debris can get clogged in the drains or even cause damage to your roof. Ensuring your roof is cleaned at least every season will ensure foreign objects to not affect your roof and its performance.

3. Have Snow Removed

Clearing the snow from your parking lot in the winter is a must and something pretty much every commercial property owner thinks about. However, clearing the snow off your commercial roof is also important, as all the snow that accumulates on your roof can cause some serious damage under the weight of the snow. If your roof suffers serious damage from the pressure and weight of the snow, that large accumulation of snow may end up in your office instead of on top.

4. Proper Drainage

Ensuring water can drain from your roof properly is vital to your roof’s health. Clear and inspect drains as well as note any areas that have water pooling and not flowing to a drain. If these pools of water are very large, you may need to call a professional commercial roofing repair company or adjust the roof’s slight slopes for proper water flow.

5. Limit Walking on Your Roof

Avoid walking on your commercial roof as much as possible. You will need to go up on your roof to inspect it, and some professionals maintenance workers will need access depending on what work they are completing. Other than that, your roof shouldn’t be seeing any additional foot traffic as it can cause lasting damage and affect the life expectancy of your roof.