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It is not unusual to see condensation on the inside of your glass, especially if you have newer, energy-efficient windows and doors. This condensation is caused by moisture in warm air, once this warm air hits a colder surface like your windowpane the moisture is deposited on the cooler surface. Think cold drink on a hot summer’s day. This process is more evident in winter months when the air in your home is significantly warmer than the temperature outside.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fully eliminate this process from occurring, but there are ways to help reduce window condensation.

A dehumidifier will make a visible difference in the amount of condensation found on your windows. A dehumidifier pulls the moisture from the air, considering the condensation on your windows is caused by moisture in the air, it makes sense that less moisture in the air means less condensation on your windows. Just make sure to empty the reservoir in a timely manner, as that collected water can vaporize, adding moisture to the air once again.

Utilizing your kitchen and bathroom fans will also help keep moisture out of the air. When we cook or take warm showers steam is released, this steam adds moisture to the air in your home. If you turn on your fan prior to cooking or showering and allow for the fan to continue to run 10-15 minutes after you are finished, you will maximize the amount of steam and moisture being pulled out of your home. 

Hang drying clothes indoors can help reduce your utility bills, but the water that dries from your clothing will add moisture to the air in your home. Hang dry your clothes outdoors in the warmer months, and avoiding hang drying your clothes indoors will help reduce the amount of moisture in your home.

Opening your windows and doors to allow for fresh air to enter your home and moisture-rich air to exit your home is another great way to reduce the condensation on your windows. Again, by reducing the amount of moisture in the air you are able to reduce the amount of moisture being deposited on your glass.

If you are finding condensation on your glass, don’t be worried as this means your windows are doing their job well, as there are no drafts cooling down the inside glass. Even though you can’t eliminate condensation from building up on your windows, you can reduce the amount of condensation. Make sure to clean up any condensation from your windows as soon as you see it build-up, as the water can cause damage to your window frames and walls if not looked after.