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The landscaping company you hire to work on your yard should be able to answer the following 5 questions:

1. How long have you been in business?

This question may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to always ensure that the landscaper is reputable and experienced. If they’ve only been operating for 1 year or less, then chances are they aren’t able to handle every project and may not be as skilled as a landscaper who’s operated their own company for many years.

2. What services do you offer?

Before hiring anyone, ensure that they’re offering all of the right services that meet both your needs and expectations. You want to make sure that if there’s work that needs to be done, the landscaper is going to take care of it so you don’t have to deal with it later.

3. Can I see some before and after pictures?

Before hiring a landscaper, ask them if they’re able to provide pictures of projects that they’ve completed in the past. This way you’ll at least get an idea of what the quality of their service looks like. If their examples look great, then maybe they can help with your project as well.

4. Will my yard be left alone once it’s completed?

You never want landscapers working on your yard when you aren’t there, because they may leave equipment or trash lying around damage it once you return home. Therefore, it’s important to hire workers who can keep your landscaping project confidential.

5. Are you licensed and insured?

The landscaper that you eventually decide on should be able to provide proof of licensing and insurance. You never want to put yourself or your property in danger by hiring an uninsured landscaper who is not licensed, because they could potentially damage your yard, steal from your home, or injure members of your family. Additionally, make sure they have ample liability coverage so if anything happens during the process, there will be enough money covered for repairs or medical bills. A landscaper that provides answers to all 5 questions outlined above should be more than qualified for this type of work.

Landscaping can be a great way to add value and beauty to your property, and landscapers should go above and beyond when it comes to their landscaping services.