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Conducting a video production survey can help you understand what your customers and/or clients want from their corporate videos, giving you an insight into how to improve the service that you provide. It’s important to remember that they are only able to give responses based on their own personal experience, which may differ from your actual videography service. Here are five tips on conducting a professional survey.

1. Ensure video production survey is conducted online, or via mail

Your professional videography customer service staff should be able to provide you with the email addresses of every corporate video production client they have worked for recently, allowing you to send out surveys directly to them. If this isn’t possible, a professional videographer should create an email address for your video production business, and use it to send out surveys online.

2. Gap between survey and video release 

Promotional videos are short and interesting videos for businesses, products, events and individuals to give information about themselves. Promotional videos should be upbeat and make the viewer want to learn more by watching your video. Steps to making a promotional video include sound quality, script writing and editing. Send out the video production survey at least six weeks after the corporate video is released. This will allow you enough time to gain feedback from clients that have already seen the corporate video.

3. Use professional graphics for your video production survey

This will ensure that the survey looks professional, and makes sure that it doesn’t look like it has been created by somebody without any training in graphic design. This can help you gain more responses from clients, which is what you want from a video production survey.

4. Use professional language in production survey

This means using professional language, and using professional videography techniques to ensure that client responses are as strong as possible. This will allow you to make judgments on which parts of your corporate video production service can be improved, based on client feedback.

5. Conduct follow-up telephone interviews with clients

This will give you insight into the video production process, and help you understand any parts of your services that need improving in more detail than a simple survey.