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As a homeowner, one of the biggest hurdles you’ll have to scale is choosing the right commercial metal roofing Strathroy contractor. There are a lot of fakes out there, and some just don’t offer quality service. Since roofing is a huge investment, it’s important that you get the best service for your money. 

To make the process of hiring a professional commercial roofing contractor easier and less stressful for you, we’ve made a list of five great tips to guide you. Each of the following tips will help you pick the right contractor for your next roofing project with less hassle.

Go for a local commercial roofing contractor

Opting for a reputable local roofing contractor saves you a lot of headaches. First, it reduces the risks of complications during your roofing project. Choosing a contractor with a good reputation means you won’t have to worry about subpar jobs.

In addition to that, a local commercial roofing contractor with experience definitely will be familiar with local legislation and well informed about codes and rules. They’ll have better contacts with suppliers and crews, and it’ll be easier to get local referrals.

Read online reviews 

Before hiring a commercial roofing contractor, it’s necessary to spend time to check out their online reputation and previous projects. Search for them on review sites such as Trustpilot, BBB, or Google Reviews and ensure they have a good overall rating.

One of the best ways to assess a contractor’s reliability is checking the frequency and recency of their reviews. Check how they communicate with clients and their average response time. All of these will help you avoid charlatans.

Ask around

It’s not enough to count on online reviews. You can also consult your friends and neighbors who have hired commercial roofing contractors. Ask for their honest opinions and first-hand experiences with the ones they’ve hired before. This will help you steer clear of problematic roofers. 

Check for proper licenses and valid insurance coverage

Most states require commercial roofing contractors to be licensed, certified, and insured. Before you hire any contractor, ask that they provide you with an active license. Additionally, for peace of mind, ensure your contractor has liability insurance.

Put everything in writing

It’s important that you clearly communicate the type of roofing you want for your home. Similarly, insist that the contractor put every detail in black and white. This helps you to know that your goals align and your objectives for the project will be achieved. Insist that every obscure term be explained and clear every condition in your contract.