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Becoming better videographers is the dream of many people but only a few can attain it. It is crucial to know that shooting professional videos goes beyond having good equipment. There are basic and essential tips or skills that can help to avoid the frustration faced by many videographers. Here are helpful tips to become a better videographer.

1. Shoot Steady Video

Professional videos look as steady as possible. Although you can take advantage of a tripod to shoot steady videos, you can develop the skill of shooting without the tripod to avoid over-dependence on the equipment. However, you can take down a heavy gear on you and put your body in the right position such that your hands do not shake when breathing. If there is a wall or an object you can use to brace the camera, it will help to make the footage stable.

2. Be Creative 

Your creativity will make your footage look professional and not just like shots from a surveillance camera. Use different angles and perspectives to make your footage interesting and filled with variety. Master creative shooting techniques and endeavour to always be in the middle of the events to capture relevant footage.

3. Shoot Widescreen Videos

Many videographers now shoot in widescreen formats like 16 by 9 ratio. There is no crime in trying something new. Follow the trend and experiment with widescreen formats. Think outside the box on how to use the extra visual space. Meanwhile, widescreen formats do not necessarily mean shooting wide shots. Try close-ups to capture people’s emotions and make the video more interesting.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Zooms and Pans

Using unnecessary zooms and pans can make viewers bored easily. Pan, tilt, and zoom only at the right times to make the footage interesting. Avoid reaching the zoom button every time. Learn to achieve more with effective camera handling skills. Follow the action you are recording and use appropriate techniques.

5. Capture High-quality Sound

Professional videographers always prioritize the quality of the sound or audio they capture. Invest in the right microphone that will record high-quality sound. Without a good sound, the video may not have meaning value. To ensure that you are recording the audio of the events you are covering, use a pair of good headphones. This will also help to avoid recording unwanted sound.


Learn professional skills and techniques. Keep in mind to follow the best practice possible. You will become a better videographer soon. All the famous videographers you read about started from somewhere but were disciplined to get the best results.