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Roof damage can happen to everyone. This is why regular maintenance it’s key for its durability and functionality. But sometimes, checking for roof damage can provide helpful data on whether you need roof repairs. Our experts share next their tips on how to check for roof damage. Read on to discover what you need to look for to decide when it’s time for professional roof repairs.

#1 Walk around your home

Before you go to your home’s roof, you should walk around your house. Look at the exterior, and inspect the roof from the ground. Sagging and aging can be easily observed from a distance. It might be helpful to note down your findings to be able to share those with a roofing contractor. This will facilitate the roof repairs process.

#2 Check for interior water damage

Another thing you can do to check for roof damage is verifying the walls and ceiling for water damage. If there is any problem with your roof, water might leak inside, causing visible stains.

#3 Verify the status of your shingles

Another important step is to observe the shingles. If they are buckled and curled, they most likely experienced a lot of damage. Remember that damaged shingles expose your roof and home to a greater risk of weather damage and improper ventilation.

#4 Go to the roof and look for damage

Checking for missing, damaged, and old shingles is another important step to take. Roof repairs can deal with this situation. But sometimes, the roof damage is so extensive that you might want to consider roof replacement. No matter the situation, you’ll need expert advice on the best solution for your home.

#5 Check the gutters

The gutters require frequent maintenance to remove debris. An important step in checking for roof damage is assessing the gutters’ health. Roof overhangs, downspouts, and gutters perform vital tasks for your roof. Make sure you check the open joints and look for signs of rot. If your gutters have obvious rot, your roof might be damaged.

#6 Ask for professional help

After this initial assessment, you should request professional help. Even though it might seem tempting to perform DIY roof repairs, this can do more harm than good. A professional roofing contractor can determine whether you need a roof replacement or roof repairs.

The bottom line

Checking for roof damage is all about attention to detail. Regular maintenance and cleaning can help you extend your roof’s health. Make sure you discuss with a roofing contractor about maintenance and roof repairs. You’ll learn valuable information on how to care for your roof to prevent structural damage.