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Aromatherapy is all about using specific ingredients obtained from plants to offer the best aromatic experience in massages, baths, or environmental protection. Besides, it is commonly known as essential oil therapy. This is why, recently, the therapeutic usage of terpenes came into the spotlight.

Terpenes represent chemical compounds that are extracted from any plant that has an aroma or fragrance. It is believed to help boost the aromatic and therapeutic effects of any plant from which it is extracted. To understand how terpenes and aromatherapy might help you, read on to find out its amazing potential health benefits.

Top Effects of Terpene in aromatherapy

Terpenes provide to vape oil or cannabis their natural flavour. If it comes in essential oil form, it might be helpful for a wide array of health issues such as:

  • Fungal or bacterial infections
  • Cancer
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Addiction

But scientific studies show that those potential benefits can be accessed better through aromatherapy. Terpenes essential oils might offer several therapeutic advantages depending on their formula. Terpenes compounds include:

1. Myrcene

This efficient terpene is usually identified in fragrant fruits and plants. It is present in several types of cannabis strains, and it is believed to be efficient due to its sedative and analgesic effects.

2. Alpha-pinene

This is the pine-scented terpene identified in oranges, pine trees, and parsley. Its potential health benefits are related to its anti-inflammatory effects that support brain health.

3. 3-carene

3-carene is one of the terpenes that stands out due to its earthy smell. It is the main compound in cedar, bell peppers, or basil. This terpene is normally associated with brain health and pain relief, but additional studies are required to prove this.

4. D-limonene

This is specific to citrus fruits and has as its primary effect weight loss. D-limonene is believed to be one of the best natural appetite suppressants.

5. Beta-pinene

Beta-pinene is the most efficient therapeutic terpene, as it might act as a powerful antioxidant for brain health. It is a joint compound in cannabis due to its properties that go beyond the blood-brain barrier. In aromatherapy, this compound is excellent for its sedative properties, that aid in relaxation.

6. Terpinolene

Even though this isn’t a dominant ingredient in cannabis, it has a significant role in offering a specific taste. It is a citrusy flavoured terpene that soothes and promotes relaxation.

7. Beta-caryophyllene

This terpene is recurrent in plants like rosemary or cannabis. It has a leading role as a cannabinoid and might influence specific receptors in the brain.

8. Alpha-humulene

Alpha-humulene is the main compound in Cannabis Sativa, but it can be extracted from basil, or cloves, too. It has a spicy taste, along with an earthy smell that might offer analgesic effects.

Hence, when it comes to aromatherapy, terpenes are great for improving emotional well-being. Terpenes for sale are becoming more popular due to the delightful scent, and offers a soothing and sedative effect. And depending on its main compound, it might better mood, improve brain functions, or even diminish pain.