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To begin with, the answer to this question is yes, it can actually cause vision problems. The main question here is, how? The feeling of strain, blurry and teary vision, are just testaments that your eyes can give you a seriously hard time with little to no hopes of relief. Not knowing the root or cause of these problems to your vision can make it harder for you to figure out a solution. While there may be several factors and ailments could be the cause of any eye problems you suffer, stress is definitely one of them –without particular reference to the cause of the stress itself. This results in frequent visits to your optometrist. Feeling mental or physical pressure can cause vision problems, but if you are not certain about stress being a causative agent, check out these five symptoms which confirm that stress can cause vision problems. 

Tightening eye muscles

When you are stressed, your body weakens and, in an attempt to get through the situation, you subconsciously begin to draw on the last of your strength to keep alert. This can result in the involuntary tightening of your eye muscles with clenches around that may make you struggle and squint while trying to focus on your environment. 

Sensitivity to light 

Ever noticed that your eyes sometimes feel super sensitive to light? Well, when your body is stressed it reacts by creating a fortress for itself, as such your eyes try to keep out anything sensation that threatens to rock the fortress -hence the stress-induced sensitivity. 

High adrenaline, blurry vision

Stresses make you react in either fight or flight mode, both of which release adrenaline into your bloodstream. The high amount of adrenaline in your body’s system can cause you to have blurry vision and lose focus, as a result of your increased heart-rate and the feeling of lightheadedness. 


Situations that cause you to feel stressed are most often rather than not, coupled with anxiety. These feelings of stress and anxiety may cause your eyes to start twitching as a result of the unsettled emotions and thoughts brought on by the pressuring situations. 

Flashes and dark spots

As earlier mentioned, the release of adrenaline in stressful situations is the body’s call for you to pick to either fight or flight at that very moment. This may also cause you to have flashes and dark spots which cloud your vision, as a result of stress.  

These are all symptoms that indicate lead us to an earlier established point, stress can cause vision problems, although it’s not the only cause. Better to be safe than sorry, so to avoid any form of vision problem, avoid stress.