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Keeping a vibrant green lawn is the dream of many people. A verdant green lawn unarguably enhances the curb appeal of a house and helps to increase the property’s value. Unfortunately, many people cannot achieve the perfect lawn of their dream due to the failure to implement the right system. As a result, their lawn is dried-out brown and unkempt.

Are you looking for tips on how to achieve a perfect lawn? Are you searching for advice on how to keep your lawn green and attractive? Do not stress out; this article gives you the right tips to achieve a perfect lawn.

How to Achieve a Perfect Lawn

If you care to know, the secret of achieving a perfect lawn is not hidden. Follow the tips below to keep your lawn green and vibrant:

1. Never Cut Your Lawn Too Low

One of the ways to leave your lawn dried-out and brown is cutting it too low. This will expose your lawn to the scorching sun and burn it out. For whatever reason, desist from cutting more than one-third of the height of your grass when mowing. The grass needs extra length for photosynthesis and becomes healthy.

2. Recycle Grass Clippings

Instead of bagging clipped grass from the lawn, leave the clippings to decompose and add nutrients to the soil. This will save you the bagging time and also make your lawn healthy and grass well-nourished.

3. Use Sharp Mower Blades

Mowing your lawn with dull or blunt blades will tear the grass instead of slicing it. The torn grass will become brown and make the lawn look odd. Sharpen your blades for a smoother and cleaner cut. It is crucial to have a perfect lawn.

4. Irrigation System

There is a need to water your lawn appropriately according to the type of soil, the grass species, and the weather in your region. With a sound irrigation system, your grass will have the needed water for growth. Although there are different types of irrigation systems like surface, drip or trickle, subsurface, and sprinkler irrigation system, use the one that is convenient for you and will achieve the best result. Meanwhile, ensure that you do not overwater your grass because it can hurt your grass.

5. Choose a Balanced Fertilizer

As the irrigation system is essential, adding fertilizer to the lawn is also crucial to keep the grass well-nourished. However, choosing a well-balanced fertilizer is crucial and should be applied according to the type of grass. But adding fertilizer should not be more than four times per year. An organic-based fertilizer is safe for your kids and pets.

Implement the tips above to have the perfect lawn you want. Maintaining your lawn should be a priority, as it will boost the overall curb appeal of your home and add value to you.