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Working in a team is not the first choice for some individuals but in most cases, it’s unavoidable. As a team leader or major contributor, it is important to make sure that all members of the team feel their personal essence while fostering codependency and one of the best ways to achieve this is through team bonding.

Some may opt for exercises, seminars or leadership trainings but, an escape room is one of the relatively undiscovered methods of promoting team building. How does this happen? Check out these five ways escape rooms help with team building.

1. Team-building

The essence of any team-building exercise is to improve teamwork. With escape rooms, all the members are faced with the same goal and objective -getting out. If they were frosty at first, eventually they’ll start working together to get out of the room.

2. Casual responsibility

Responsibility is at the center of any successful team, it means that individuals know their roles and can fulfill them correctly. Escape room gives them a chance to assume responsibility on a casual level and that way, everyone can gauge who is more accountable and who is likely to slack off the most. This information is what will help in ensuring the team building; working on loose points and reinforcing strong members.

3. Communication

Due to the numerous groups of individuals who make up a team, anything from two – fifteen, or in some cases twenty, communication can become a serious problem. When working on an escape room puzzle together, however, people are more inclined to understand how the other person works, and develop synchrony to their thought process. This way, when it gets to the professional aspect for which the team was created, communication is enhanced and the team is highly productive.

4. Individual ability highlight

Escape room games also highlight the special abilities of each member, in that, the puzzles are different and require different technical and logical abilities, as well as some trivia. By allowing everyone to try their hand/mind at something, there is an importance that is created in responsibility.

5. Goal orientation

The most important part of teamwork is having the same focus, and working towards the same end goal. People may get carried away by their personal contributions, forgetting to adhere to the team’s goal. The escape room will help build the team with the engaging and entertaining practice of working towards the same thing, actively.

Escape rooms are a lot of fun because they are the most casual activity place where intellect and logical reasoning still come to light. This makes them the perfect location for team building with the purpose of increasing productivity.