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The roof is one of the most important parts of a house or business, and it should be clear which type you need before purchasing. The roof of your house is one of the most important parts, if not the most important part. This is where you protect your home from rain, wind, and sunlight; this is where you make sure that everything stays safe and dry to preserve both the inside and outside of your home. When considering roofing shingles, there are many types of roofing shingles that boost property value. You’ll want to consider roofing shingles that help your home retain its value, roofing shingles that have a longer life expectancy, roofing shingles that provide resistance from mildew and mold as well as roofing shingles that are environmentally friendly.

Here are five different types of roofs: flat roofs, shingle roofs, slate roofs, flat tile roofs, and metal roofing.

1) Flat Roofs

A flat roofing is the simplest type of roof, which is flat and covered with a waterproof membrane. The flat roof can be either built on site or pre-manufactured for easy installation, which provides an excellent flat surface for your business. While flat roofs are not aesthetically pleasing to some people, they are very cost effective and require low maintenance because flat roofs are long lasting.

2) Shingle Roofs

Shingle roofs are flat or mostly flat with a few sloping edges. They are built on site and have interlocking shingles that protect the roof from damage due to rain, snow, strong winds, and other natural elements.  A shingle roof is most cost effective for flat or low sloping roofs.  However, it is the most labor-intensive type of roofing because shingles need to be installed one at a time with special attention given to their alignment.

3) Slate Roofs

A slate  roof is very stable and durable with great resistance against fire, wind, and age. They are made of flat, thin slabs known as “slates” which are bonded together and installed on a flat or low-sloped roof.  However, the most important factor in installing slate roofs is the cost.  The quality of slate is expensive and can make installation more expensive than other types of roofs.

4) Flat Tile Roofs

A flat tile roof  is flat or low sloped and made of flat clay, concrete, or composite tiles that are lightweight but very durable.  While flat tile roofs can be expensive to install, they require little maintenance throughout their lifetime.  They do need to be cleaned regularly because dirt and debris may get trapped between tiles and cause the flat tile roof to wear prematurely.

5) Metal Roof

The fifth type is metal roofing, which is flat or low sloping with interlocking panels made out of sheets of metal.  Metal roofs are lightweight but durable and offer many benefits.  They can help lower energy costs and provide great protection against natural elements.  However, metal roofs may be expensive to install and require more maintenance than other types of flat roofing material.

If you’re still not sure which type of flat roof is right for your commercial building or home, consult with a flat roofing contractor.