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Physiotherapy is a field of human health that focuses on the diagnosis of physical abnormalities, restoration of physical function and mobility, maintenance of physical function as well as promotion of physical activity and proper function. Licensed physiotherapists can be seen across different healthcare settings such as hospitals, rehab centers, outpatient offices, and nursing homes. They can also work in fitness and sports environments.
Under this post, we will be highlighting the benefits that physiotherapy gives to the human body.

1. Pain relief

Physiotherapy can be helpful when it comes to relieving pain. There are many conditions where physiotherapy helps to achieve this by making use of various modalities such as TENS, ultrasound, and wax bath.

2. Alleviation of post-fracture stiffness

After the removal of plasters or after surgery, fractures can lead to a restriction in the joint movement. You can improve the range of the motion of the joint using physiotherapy.

3. Surgery avoidance

In certain cases, you can avoid having surgery done to correct certain health conditions by going for physiotherapy.

4. Surgery assistance

In most situations, it is compulsory to strengthen the muscles before a surgical procedure as it helps to facilitate quick recovery in patients and the best way to do this is through physiotherapy.

5. Stroke Rehabilitation

Getting physiotherapy for the initial three to four months has been proven to be capable of reversing the effect of stroke on the limbs.

6. Treatment of sports injury

In sports, it is common to see trained sports therapists around. When the players sustain injuries on the field of play, physiotherapy helps them recover better.

7. Reduction of risk of fall

Part of the things that you learn through physiotherapy is balancing exercises. This practice helps to improve balance and reduces the risk of falls.

8. Management of diabetes

Physiotherapy has been proven to help control diabetes. When you carry out physical activity and also do diet control, you get to control Mellitus type 2 diabetes and physiotherapists help in doing the best exercises.

9. Management of heart disease

Physiotherapists help to clear the lung secretions and also help mobilize patients. They are trained to assist in strengthening the heart. They also create a total cardiac rehabilitation program.

10. Improvement ICU care

Patients who are on ventilators can be quite helped by physiotherapy. For instance, chest physiotherapy is needed to clear the lung congestions of patients on ventilators. Besides, limb physiotherapy is needed for patients that are immobilized in ICU. Similarly, physiotherapy can help to train faint for recovering patients and give back care to them as well.

11. Management of lung diseases

Physiotherapy has been successfully adopted in the process of managing lung diseases many times. The aspect of physiotherapy that applies here is mostly chest physiotherapy. It helps to get rid of the sputum from the lungs and also clear chest congestion. There are also breathing exercises that can help maintain lung patency.

12. Improvement of women’s health

Physiotherapy is helpful in the antenatal and postnatal period. It helps to maintain the health of both the women and their fetus through antenatal classes. Also, it helps to ease delivery by reducing pains during labor.