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The role that escape rooms play in improving the quality of work and the employees cannot be underrated. Escape rooms have several corporate team building events that help to improve employees’ communication and teamwork. An escape room is a right place to start if you want your employees to bond with one another for enhanced improvement in productivity.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to take your employees out for corporate team building events, certain puzzles are the most common, and you should prepare to undertake and solve them.

What Are The Common Escape Room Puzzles?

There are diverse corporate team building events or puzzles you are most likely to find in any escape room. Irrespective of the location of the escape room, it is crucial that you will find the following corporate team building events you will meet.

  1. Numbers and Texts Based Puzzles

When you are undertaking corporate team building events, you will come across puzzles that are based on numbers and texts. You will not be required to use any advanced mathematical formulae to solve the puzzles, but they are only there for hiding clues, which you can decode by reshuffling texts or numbers to form crosswords for clues.

  1. Physical Puzzles

No escape room that offers corporate team building events is devoid of physical puzzles. You certainly have some puzzles you have to undertake using your strength like moving big objects, undoing knots, and focus on the puzzle.

  1. Sound and Light

Most escape room’s corporate team building events include listening to background music or looking out for where light is shining. Meanwhile, the shining light might be a mere distraction and offer no clues to your escaping from the room. You can pay attention to the lyrics of the background music; it may contain some clues.

  1. Hidden Objects

This is one of the most exciting parts of the corporate team building events or puzzles when you are in the escape room. Indeed, your clues will be hidden. Therefore, you need to search for clues in hidden places. Leave no stone unturned to discover the solution you need to escape the room.

  1. Visual Design

Another puzzle to look out for in corporate team building events is the visual design puzzles. There might be clues for your escape on the pictures hung on the walls. First, single out anything strange in the room, then look intently at all visual designs in the room – the clue to get out of the escape may be there.

The above are some of the puzzles you will come across when you are undertaking corporate team building events, especially an escape room challenge. The puzzles discussed in this content are meant to prepare your mind for what you are likely to meet, not that they are the exact every master.